Why do you need a Uni-Account?

If you want to use the services offered by any provider it is necessary that this provider knows you, i.e. that you have previously registered yourself as a "customer".

The same applies to the computer centre and other institutions of Freiburg University, which are providing a big variety of services.

Therefore, a personal "customer account" is maintained at the computer centre for each user, the so-called Uni-Account. This account holds all your personal and/or technically relevant data in one data record and is referred to by a unique name (user identification or user ID, sometimes also called user name)

Your personal and/or technical data comprise e.g.

Students automatically receive a Uni-Account when they enrol at the University.

Employees of the University apply for their account online in the Internet using myAccount (cf. below) or from the secretary of the user service:


What is myAccount?

The web-interface myAccount was created to provide account holders as well as maintenance personnel with an easy-to-use tool for accessing the account data.

myAccount can be accessed worldwide via internet

myAccount can be accessed under the following web address:

Contact the myAccount administration via: